Stepping Stones’ Mission
The mission of the Clubhouse is to help people with mental illness integrate back into the community by building vocational skills and confidence during the work-ordered day, assisting members to set goals and turn ideas into action and to empower members to take
responsibility for the operation of the program.

 Clubhouse Program

  Location: Stepping Stones Clubhouse 
  Contact: (610)384-6058
  Hours: Mon-Fri, 8:00AM-4:00PM
The Clubhouse program is a psychiatric rehabilitation program focusing on recovery through skill training in a work day setting. Members choose to participate in one or more of several units - Clerical, Kitchen, Maintenance or Education. Their experiences can lead to future employment in the community and greater independence and satisfaction in their lives. There is also a social component to the program outside business hours.
Members participate in decision-making, effecting every aspect of the program. The Clubhouse focuses on cooperation, work-readiness, friendship, self-respect and most importantly, abilities not disabilities.

Clubhouse Program